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    Interior Painting

    If you wish to sit back and relax while your interiors get a makeover, then we believe you are all ready to call us! We assure you the best quality interior wall painting services- everything you need to transform your space. Aqua Painter Interior painting services – ready to give your life the quick makeover it needs!

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    Exterior Painting

    One should never underestimate the effects of a clean and painted exterior wall in your home. One should never underestimate well-done exteriors. That’s exactly why you should make your first impression in style! Whether you decide to paint your windows, doors, or just your siding, our exterior home painters do it all.

    Commercial Painting

    We cover almost every segment of a painting job. Whether you want to redecorate your workspace inside and out or wish to hire us for a commercial space, we are the right choice to get your work done, with experience for painting offices, schools, restaurants, café, shops, hospitals, hotels, and every type of building you can think of.

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    Best Quality Paints

    Aqua Painter is set to achieve the dream of quality which stands us far ahead in the market. We use 100% genuine A+ paints.

    Reasonable Pricing

    Aqua Painter is not just a company but also your good wisher. We plan and execute the best work as per your budget.

    Hassle Free Experience

    As we provide a smooth, hassle-free experience will keep you excited and happy with Aqua Painter.

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    Trained Professionals

    Hiring a contractor must be a trained, and experienced professional. Our mens are not only trend but they are experts.


    Planning to re-decorate your house or office? Contact with us and get best consultation about the need.

    Custom Designs

    Give your home, office, and workplace a whole new look and feel with our custom design painting services.


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    Cities Covered

    Looking for the best painters or painting services for your home, office, or workplace?


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    Who We Are?

    Check out the extensive range of splendid colors, and the conventional color schemes won’t bind you for a scrupulous decorating style. Our paint visualizer provides a breathtaking way to create inspiration boards for your much-loved ideas. So you can keep all your color ideas in one dot.

    We are a bunch of engineers, problem solvers who are on a mission to change the way home painting and waterproofing services are done. Aqua Painter was built on the vision to streamline processes and empower individual painters and applicators to deliver an amazing experience, to everyone, every time, through technology integration. We have completed over 5000+ projects and have been highly rated by our customers (4.8 on 5 on Google) for our response, quality and service delivery.

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    When it comes to painting your wall and home interiors, you need someone who can care for your wall and gives you functional outcomes. Aquapainter painting contractors’ interior house painting services offer you a flawless, and professional painstaking job that would create your house different from your house wall appearance and complete impact. AquaPainter interior house painting service in Gurgaon and Delhi offering the most excellent interior painting service which will suit your financial plan and parameters.

    Being one of the best painting contractors in Gurgaon our team has professional experts who take care of all your painting needs, and together with the best work and team we do on-time project completion, committed management, and lase accurate measurements. For the past few years, we were changing the way of looking at people to their walls and interiors, Our professional home painters have the essential skills to offer-give eyecatching painting work and long-lasting service results. At Aquapainter we only use high-quality paint and can identify and solve the particular challenges for home interior designs and works. Our painters are completely experienced in all kinds of painting work and designs for houses to high-end homes high-rise work.

    Our working team takes care of immense care in protecting every space in your home, and our team carefully cleans up the work area at the end of every day and always. Our interior house painting contractors in Gurgaon and Delhi will work at best and set to do the work in a way that comes under all work and reduce the disturbance to your home.

    At Aquapainter our painting contractors have the expertise to make their interior and exterior work outstand and the house will stand out with striking colors and professional finishes. We are one of the best painting contractors in Delhi, house painting service providers in Delhi NCR, Painting Contractors, Painting Contractors near me, Home Painting Services, House Painting Services Near Me, Interior Wall Painting, Interior Painting Services, Home Interior Painters, Painting Companies Near Me, Best Wall Painting, House Painting Service, Exterior Painters Near Me, and we understand our responsibilities with completely 100% high degree accuracy.

    Aquapainter isn’t just a painting company we make the dreams come true in reality. We also understand that nothing speaks louder than having real proof, we have proof to show our work and we have done it for our satisfied clients. Our portfolio shows case our all work with our perfect collection of paintings that truly speak for itself. We completely pay attention to the client’s needs for painting interior and exterior work and understand their needs in a way to absolute brilliance. Our team has high confidence in customer service satisfaction experiences.


    Frequesntly Asked Questions

    What is Aqua Painter?

    Aqua Painter is the easiest way to paint your home or office, bringing in technology, automation, and service guarantee. Aqua Painter manages the entire painting process online, from paint selection to quotes to service booking, project management, and payment. We, at Aqua Painter, are on a mission to revolutionize the way homes get painted.

    Why Aqua Painter and not any local painter?

    We are true to our work and words. We do not charge a lump sum. We measure the exact square foot. Use the exact materials promised. And yes, we deliver on time, always. All of Aqua Painter’s painters are trained and background checked, and there is a full team of project managers to guarantee job completion and complete satisfaction in-home painting service.

    What are the different types of Interior and Exterior paints you use?

    For Interior we use

    1. Tractor Emulsion
    2. Premium Emulsion
    3. Royale Luxury
    4. Royale Shine
    5. Royale Aspira
    6. Royale Atmos

    For Exterior we use

    1. Asian Ace
    2. Asian Apex
    3. Asian Apex Ultima
    4. Ultima Protect

    What is the difference between Emulsion and Distemper Paints?

    Distemper Paints: They are the basic paints in the hierarchy. They are non-washable and contain VOC compounds. They release fumes and are devoid of UV ray protection and anti-algae property. Distemper is commonly used in ceiling areas.

    Emulsion Paints: Emulsions being water-based, are compatible with most pigment and additive components. Hence, are available in a variety of finishes starting from basic matte finish to extremely smooth, elegant sheen finish. They Provide enhanced properties like mildew resistance, easy maintenance, a wide range of colors. Emulsions have lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) content than other paints.

    How long my exterior and interior paint job last?

    It depends on the type of paint you choose. For interior walls, if the customer is using a tractor or premium emulsion, it will last for 4 years and if the customer is going for royale variants from Asian paints then it will last a minimum of 7 to 8 years. For exterior walls.

    Latest Home Painting Servicing Ideas

    Whether you’re looking to get interior house painting service done with the best wall paints, want to revamp your home furniture that is looking a little worn out or give the metal surfaces in your home a nice shiny look with some polishing, our painting ideas have got you covered.

    How do we operate?

    We are here to help you with all your painting needs. One of the best house painting services in the business, Aqua Painter offers a range of professional home painting services including interior and exterior painting, wood painting and metal paint. We offer excellent bang for your buck with affordable house painting costs.

    What are the different types of paint finishes?

    Matte Finish: Matte finish provides smooth and clear look.It can be applied to walls along stairways, in dining rooms, family and living rooms and master bedroom areas.

    Eggshell Finish: This is the preferred choice for rooms that receive a moderate amount of traffic. Any patches or stain can be washed away with a cloth. This finish is often used in baths, children’s bedrooms, living areas.

    Satin Finish: Satin finish paints are probably the most commonly used finish, on both interior and exterior surfaces. They are the slightly shinier counterparts of eggshell finished paints.

    Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss paint finishes are known for both their durability and wash ability. This finish is more reflective than satin but is not as shiny as gloss.

    Gloss: They are at the epitome for providing the highest amount of durability and sheen. The highly washable paint can be used on cabinets and woodwork.

    What are the tips to protect home paints during rains?

    Choice Of Exterior Paints: It is very important to choose good quality paints for your exterior as it helps in durability and also refrains seepage. The inferior quality paint is much prone to moisture build-up and creates patches on the interior wall surface and in turn, it leads to blistering or peeling of paints (read our blog about paint failures).

    Paint Your Exteriors Before The Rain Hits: It is advisable to paint your house before the rainy seasons ideally between January to April. The water content or moisture in the walls remains for a longer time and that is the reason why the painting gets damaged even when it’s painted after the rainy season.

    Satin Finish: Satin finish paints are probably the most commonly used finish, on both interior and exterior surfaces. They are the slightly shinier counterparts of eggshell finished paints.

    Check The Roof Or Walls For Any Cracks: Check the roof or walls for any cracks. If any crack is found repair it immediately. After repair, apply a coating of waterproofing compound over the roof/walls.

    A Step Towards Waterproof paints: The markets are in with waterproof paints and are extremely useful for countering the rainy season.